Vehicle Maintenance

Routine and Emergency Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services

Never Worry About Your Car Again

Owning a car, or a fleet of cars, can be one of the greatest joys of financial success. Unfortunately, however, owning a vehicle doesn’t come without its fair share of problems and responsibilities. Between regular oil changes, routine inspections, and emergency repairs, car ownership can sometimes feel like a huge burden.

That’s where Westchester Home Management comes in. As part of our luxury concierge services, we provide our clients with 24/7 vehicle maintenance services. Whether your car breaks down on the way to an important meeting and you need a high-quality towing service and a luxury town car, or you simply need someone to stop by the gas station for a refuel, our concierges are there every hour of the day to make sure that you car is in proper working order and ready for you to enjoy.


Our Vehicle Maintenance Services:

  • Pick-up and delivery for:

    • Repairs

    • Services

    • Tire alignments, rotations, or changes

    • Battery installation

    • Detailing

  • Car inspections

  • DMV registration

  • Car washing

  • Emergency repairs

  • Roadside assistance and towing services

  • Gas refueling

  • Electric car charging

  • Boat, motorcycle, RV, and private jet maintenance

  • And more

24/7 On-Demand Auto Care and Repair Services

Tired of having to allot time out of your busy day to schedule car maintenance services, drive to the service shop, and then pick up your car after the service is done? Let Westchester Home Management take the stress out of car ownership for you, with our 24/7 on-demand vehicle maintenance services.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of different automobile, boat, RV, and motorcycle types, including luxury models. We take care to treat each of our client’s vehicles with the same delicacy and respect as if they were our own, and ensure that we only work with the top-quality repair shops, detailers, car washes, and other service providers in the Hudson Valley. When you put your trust in our luxury concierge and personal assistance service, you can rest assured that your most prized possessions are in capable hands.

Let Us Take the Wheel

Take back control of your hectic schedule by letting Westchester Home Management take care of all the maintenance and repair requirements for your automobile, boat, motorcycle, private jet, or other luxury vehicle. Spend the time you would be waiting in the car dealership or the dreaded DMV with your family, instead of waiting in line, and enjoy the luxury lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for.

At Westchester Home Management, our motto is “one call does it all,” and we take that adage seriously when it comes to our concierge automobile services. We truly mean it when we say that no detail is too small. Our concierges will be there whenever you need them to refuel your gas car or charge your electric one, schedule high-end detailing services for your yacht, or get you the best roadside assistance available in the entire Hudson Valley.

Interested in learning more about our on-demand auto care and other luxury concierge services? Get in touch with the Westchester Home Management team today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligations in-home consultation. We look forward to helping make your life easier!

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