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Peace Of Mind

Westchester Home Management has many ways to alleviate the stress of running your property. We understand that every client has different expectations and that every property has different needs. That is why we custom tailor our services to meet those specific needs allowing us to take on as much or as little of the properties requirements as you would like.

With our "One Call Does It All" approach, we will handle just about anything you can throw at us. Whether it be a renovation job, issues with the pool, an unexpected delivery or some burned out light bulbs. Our extensive contractor network will ensure that everything is tended to immediately and you can rest assure - we will always have you and your properties best interests in mind.

Some of the many services we provide:

- Schedule and track all seasonal and annual maintenance 

-Weekly property inspections

-24/7 Alarm response

-Contractor supervision

-Meet delivery and repair personnel

-Project and Construction Management and oversight

-Auto Maintenance

-Bill pay

-And much more

Schedule and Track Maintenance

We will schedule and track all required seasonal and annual maintenance your property requires.

HVAC, Landscaping, Pool, Irrigation


Weekly Inspections 

Routine interior and exterior property inspections ensures that everything is up and running the way it should be. This also catches issues before they become emergencies

24/7 Alarm Response

We are notified of any alarm related issue at the property and will respond to investigate and handle whatever situation there is. From burglary alarms to water detectors to false alarms - we have you covered

Construction Management

Acting as an owners rep, We will keep projects on schedule and in budget.  We attend all site meetings, discuss change orders with you before they are approved and handle any town relations required for the project 

Contractor Supervision 

Staying on top of routine contractors associated with annual or seasonal maintenance ensures that they are providing the best services possible 


No request is to crazy - We will handle just about anything you can throw at us. From expected and unexpected deliveries, auto issues, pets, party set up and kids things.

just ask

We've got you covered!

What our clients are saying

Westchester Home Management provides a reliable service that affords absentee homeowners, like us, peace of mind. We know our property is being taken care of in a manner consistent with what we would do if we were full time residents

Lou & Barbara