Why Are Property Inspections Important?

Why Are Property Inspections Important?

While you are away from your luxury home in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties, a lot can happen. And since you are not around, it could be weeks before you even know it. Westchester Home Management offers vacation property inspections. Below, we'll go over why this service is important, and contact us to begin!

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Keeps Your Home Safe

When someone breaks into your luxury home, it can be devastating. Damage can be done in addition to items stolen. Plus, you feel violated in some way. Our property inspection services include CCTV footage review and weekly check-ins of your home.

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Catches Any Problems

Let's face it, items inside your home can break at any time, from a hot water heater leak to the furnace giving out. Our professional luxury home property inspectors perform interior checks on a weekly basis in order to ensure your home's interior is safe.

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Takes the Burden Off Friends and Family

Many people ask their friends, family, or even their best friend's teenager to watch their home for them while they are away. This can put an undue burden on your friends and family who may feel obligated to do so. Plus, since they aren't professionals, they may just do a cursory job, just not knowing what to do.

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Offers You Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have boots on the ground while you are away watching your home can be lifesaving. Our professional property management service allows you to enjoy your time away without worry and completely de stress and recharge.


Our professional property managers in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties love to help our customers with their property management and concierge service needs. Our team is passionate about helping you juggle your busy life a bit better. Call to get started with our vacation property management services today!

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