Best Things to Do in Westchester County, New York

Best Things to Do in Westchester County, New York

Leaving your luxury home can be a nerve-racking experience, as it may become victim to vandals, burglars, and even squatters. That’s why Westchester Home Management offers 24/7 security services so you can leave your home with peace of mind. Here are four places to explore in Westchester County, New York while we watch over your property.


Tour Lyndhurst Castle

This Gothic Revival mansion sits next to the Hudson River and is a magnificent sight to behold. While it is technically a mansion, the intricate stonework and design have led the locals to refer to it as a castle. With a guided tour, you can see the Victorian dining room, exquisite entrance hall, a variety of European paintings, and more!


Visit the Tarrytown Lighthouse

Located on the eastern side of the Hudson River, this scenic view is one worth stopping for. Sunset and sunrise offer some spectacular lighting that really brings out the natural beauty of the area while the little lighthouse provides a modern contrast.

sculpture garden

Check Out the Sculpture Gardens

For a relaxing day, take a stroll through the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens. Soak in the peaceful atmosphere as you contemplate the meaning and effort put into the 45 different sculptures displayed on the grounds.

legoland discovery center

Have Fun at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Families of all ages can have a blast exploring the fun and colorful world of LEGO. This discovery zone offers two rides, a 4D cinema, and play zones that are sure to wear out your little ones while parents take the time to appreciate the large sculptures created from thousands of LEGOs.

Westchester County, New York offers a variety of activities that are too good to miss. With Westchester Home Management looking after your estate, you can fully enjoy each excursion without the anxiety of what could be happening to your home. Learn More about our services by contacting us today.